NEO Slim Review

What happens if you take the top three natural weight loss ingredients on the market, and combine them into one formula? That’s a question that NEO Slim 550 is tackling with aplomb. With their new formula that combines Forskolin, Garcinia and Turmeric into one, convenient pill, it’s drawing a lot of praise, and a lot of questions.

Today, we’re hoping to answer some of those questions in our review of NEO Slim Pills. We’ll be looking at price, ingredients, potential side effects, and even user reviews (if we can find them). There’s a lot to cover, so get settled in. But if you’re feeling antsy and want to get a jump start with a product we love, you can click the banner to learn about the #1 online weight loss pill on the market. Supplies go fast, so you’ll need to act faster. Click to get started!

Neo Slim 550

What is NEO Slim 550?

NEO Slim 550 is advertised as a high quality, natural dietary supplement on the bottle. But the accompanying marketing material we’re seeing paints it as a way to “burnt fat and lose weight”. We’re not sure how accurate that information is, but we’ll take their word for it for now. We are going to take a closer look at the ingredients to see if these results are possible a bit later, so keep that in mind.

Does NEO Slim 550 Work?

We have to admit that we haven’t tried NEO Slim 550 yet, nor do we know if it’s available for order. We’ve received a tip that it will become available shortly, so we’re trying to get good information out there before we’re beat to it by advertisers masquerading as reviewers.

NEO Slim 550 Ingredients

The ingredients we’re seeing advertised for NEO Slim 550 are;

  • Forskolin – Forskolin is an ultra popular dietary supplement ingredient. It’s advertised as a way to burn fat by “releasing the stored fat (energy) from fat cells.
  • Garcinia – You’ve all probably heard of Garcinia cambogia, the miracle fruit from southeast Asia. But is it effective? There are big questions out there as to the effectiveness of this plant in helping with weight loss.
  • Turmeric – Turmeric is an emerging supplement ingredient. It’s advertised as a way to help everything from headaches to weight loss, and the truth isn’t exactly known about its benefits quite yet.

It’s also labeled as 100% All Natural and premium quality, but we’re guessing that applies to these ingredients only. And, to be honest, we’re just basing this off the bottle. Until we see the ingredient label, we can’t say for certain which ingredients are actually in there.

NEO Slim 550 Pros and Cons


  • Pill Form makes NEO Slim 550 convenient
  • Combines three trendy supplement ingredients
  • Trendy new product


  • Not a well known company
  • No ingredient label available

Prices for NEO Slim Pills

If you’re looking for prices for NEO Slim Pills, then you’re not alone. We’ve been looking high and low for prices on this product, and the only thing we’ve been able to come up with is air. We’ll try to keep this section updated with the information as it becomes available.

Is there a NEO Slim Trial?

We’ve seen rumblings of this online, but haven’t found conclusive proof that NEO Slim is available via trial program. For now, we expect that it will only be available in small quantities, and not to try, but just to buy. If this information changes, we’ll try to keep this section updated.

NEOSlim 550 Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we don’t have 550 of them, but it’s a start. In this section, we want to get through some of the questions we expect our readers to have regarding NEO Slim 550 pills. Have questions that we didn’t get to? Reach out to us. We’re always happy to talk about the products we review. If you want additional reading on how the specific ingredients work in this formula, we recommend searching for studies on the ingredients. There’s usually a few good ones on NCBI that can get you more educated on how they work.

But if you have in-depth questions and you’re not a savvy online researcher like some, then talking with your doctor or nutritionist is even better.

Let’s get started on our set of NEO Slim Frequently Asked Questions

I’m trying to lose a lot of weight fast, will NEO-Slim do it?

That’s a loaded question. Of course all of us who are overweight want to lose a lot of weight. But doing so all at once isn’t healthy. In fact, we always say that there’s no cheating weight loss. You have to do it the same way everybody else does it, with sweat and watching your diet. There are supplements that can help, sure, but they’re not going to be the substance of your weight loss routine. So if you’re looking for NEO Slim (or any weight loss supplement) to help you lose a ton of weight all at once, then we think you should reconsider your expectations.

I’m breastfeeding, can I take NEO Slim?

Probably not. But we’re not doctors. We recommend talking to your doctor before starting use of this, or any other pill while nursing or pregnant.

Is NEO Slim Safe?

It’s hard to tell at this point. If they’re only using the three ingredients they say, it should be reasonably safe. But, again, we’re not doctors. It’s a good idea to talk with a doctor anytime you start a new supplement so they can check for interactions with medications you’re on.

I want a refund for NEO Slim, how do I get it?

That’s between you and the company. We’re just reviewing their product. Our advice is to try and talk with your bank and contact the company that charged your caard.

I’ve had really good results with NEO Slim, how do I share my story?

We would love to feature your story on our site, but the truth is we probably won’t be available to edit it. So share it on your social media area of choice!